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Kidi Comfort 6-Piece Nursery Essential Set

The Kidicomfort nursery kit is the perfect healthy addition to your baby's nursery for countless hours of safe and peaceful sleep from crib to toddler bed!

The organic mattress is made with no foam which means no off-gassing. It's 99.9% free of phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Unlike foam which doesn't breathe, this core is breathable ensuring that there is continual airflow in your baby's sleep environment.

Adding on that, baby feeling cozy with this soft minky fleece changing pad cover. When it comes time for diaper changes, baby will love the cozy feel of this fabric. Classic pattern and colors make this pad cover a stylish addition to any changing station. Elastic edges keep everything snuggly in place while the quick-release cover makes removing it for cleaning easy. Fits a standard sized changing pad. Simple machine wash/dry fabric keeps life simpler for mom.


  • 1 Mattress for baby crib
  • 1 Changing pad
  • 1 Mattress cover
  • 1 Changing pad cover
  • (2) Sheets