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Aerosleep Sleep Safe Mattress Protector

  • The Aerosleep Sleep Safe Mattress Protector lets your baby sleep safely, while also protecting the mattress

  • Your baby rests on a layer of air that will allow them continual unobstructed breath, even after rolling over onto their tummy

  • The mattress protector has a unique 3D structure that features a sleep safe layer, an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer

  • Safe unique 3D honeycomb structure ensures optimum air circulation

  • Absorption layer guarantees a maximum of hygiene, even in case of "accidents"

  • A waterproof, protective layer retains any moisture from diaper leakage or spit up, to ensure the mattress itself remains clean

  • The mattress forms a natural hygienic shield against bacteria and allergens without any chemical treatment

  • Made with certified Oeko-Tex® materials

  • Retrofits easily onto existing crib mattress with 4 elastic band attachments